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Photos by Alexa Burnell/22nd Century Media Attendees at Romona Elementary enjoy a multicultural potluck dinner Friday, Oct. 4, in Wilmette.
The Multicultural Potluck Committee included parents Elizabeth Azpell, Kimberly Newman, Sora Lee, Paloma Samotny, Nora Kropp and students Leah Samotny, Scarlet Newman, Saisha and Tanvi Kropp, and Joseph Lee take part in the dinner.
Alexa Burnell, Freelance Reporter
2:57 pm CDT October 7, 2019
Romona Elementary celebrated their rich, diverse culture with a multicultural potluck dinner on Friday, Oct. 4, where families sampled delicious foods from more than 20 different countries — all made by the families of the Romona community.